Can Breast Enlargement Cream Cause Cancer? [Everything Explained]

Can Breast Enlargement Cream Cause Cancer

Can breast enlargement cream cause cancer? Enough lies on the internet! Today I am going to answer this question once and for all. Warning, I am giving an honest explanation here. I am not responsible if it breaks your heart! Here’s what you need to know plain & simple:

The answer is, it depends, mainly on the breast cream. Breast enlargement creams that contain hormonal elements to change the hormone balance within the body can actually lead to breast cancer. On the other hand, a cream made on 100% natural and herbal ingredients will bring no chance of cancer with it.

Why Some Breast Enlargement Creams Can Cause Cancer?

As I have mentioned earlier, some breast enlargement creams contain hormonal ingredients. These ingredients are there to change the balance of hormone within a female body. This approach to breast enlargement is risky and it certainly poses a threat of breast cancer.

Have you heard of DHEA? Maybe not. It is dehydroepiandrosterone. DHEA is a hormone secreted from the adrenal glands of the human body. The DHEA hormone acts very similar to estrogen and has a close link to it. We all know estrogen is the main hormone that is responsible for breast growth in women.

To leverage the capability of DHEA, some manufacturers use DHEA supplement in their breast enlargement cream. It can cause both higher breast sensitivity as well as breast swelling.

Basically, any cream that uses hormonal ingredients to increase breast size can expose you to breast cancer.

Side Effects of Using A Bad Breast Enlargement Cream

  • Many breast creams use chemicals or weird ingredients that can cause allergy, rash, itching or a burning feeling on your skin. However, if you are already allergic to certain ingredients, a herbal ingredient can cause allergy too!
  • Your breasts may start to get tighter.
  • When first applying the cream, there might be a tingly sensation on your breasts. You need to consult an expert if this sensation doesn’t go away.

So, Which Breast Enlargement Cream Can You Trust?

I am not going to lie. There is an awful lot of breast cream out there in the market. But most of them are complete junk and use hormonal ingredients as their base component. As I have mentioned earlier, these creams should be avoided at any cost.

So, which breast cream can you trust?

Not only me, more than thousands of women have got the result they are looking for from using this breast cream!

This cream will not expose you to cancer or any other side effects because:

  • It is made of 100% natural and herbal ingredients
  • It doesn’t contain any hormonal ingredients such as DHEA supplement
  • The cream is tested and reviewed by thousands of women

Just after 2 weeks of using this cream, I started to see results! It is that much effective!

If you are looking for a safe yet cost-effective way to increase breast size that doesn’t involve surgery and produce a quick result, nothing can be better than using this breast cream!

Don’t wait! Just grab one now and see for yourself!

You’ll thank me later!

Anna A. Cudney

I have created “Make My Breast Perfect” website to help women make their breasts perfect. I have faced this problem a lot and wanted to help other women gain their confidence.

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