Do Breast Enlargement Creams Work? (Must Read Before You Buy)

do breast enlargement creams work

It is not surprising that most of the women are suspicious about breast enlargement creams. It sounds too good to be true that you can increase your breast size just by rubbing a cream over your breasts. Where most complex surgeries fail to get you the breast you want, a simple breast enlargement cream seems to be stretched too much, right?

In this article, I am going to break down to you if breast enlargement creams actually work and how they actually help to increase breast size.

Let’s get down to it.

Do Breast Enlargement Cream Work?

The answer to that question is not definitive. It depends. There are some breast enlargement creams that are just garbage, while some, in fact, can work wonders. It all depends on the ingredients of your breast cream.

All good breast enlargement creams have one thing in common: that is, they have the best ingredients in the right amount such as Voluplus and Volufiline. These two are the most popular ingredients to stimulate the growth cells of female breasts.

If you want to dive in much farther, we have to look at the anatomy of female breasts.

A Basic Anatomy of Female Breasts:anatomy of female breast

The major muscle to form the base of the breast is chest muscles. If you want to get more specific, the main chest muscles to form female breasts are pectoralis minor and pectoralis major. There is also a collection of fat tissue, glandular as well as connective tissue above the chest muscle which forms the whole breast.

Here are all the basic parts of a female breast:

  • Ligaments: The ligaments are what that support the breast. They make breasts look firmer. However, with time and aging, these ligaments get weaker which results in saggy breasts.
  • Fat as well as Connective Tissues: These types of tissues are crucial to form the size and shape of the breasts.
  • Areola: It is the region around the nipple. It has sweat glands which help in breastfeeding.
  • Nipple: We all know which one Nipple is, so I am not bothering talking about it. All you need to know is, the nipple is the opening through which milk exits.
  • Lactiferous Ducts: these ducts are responsible for transporting milk to the nipple from lobules.
  • Lobules: Lobules are the glands that produce milk in female breasts.

Now, from all these parts, the milk-producing apparatus is almost same for every woman. What determines the shape and the size of the breasts are the fat and connective tissues. In simpler words, women who have bigger breasts have more fat tissue than women with smaller breasts. Another way of saying it is, if you gain weight, you’ll surely get bigger breasts.

But, gaining weight to increase breast size is not a practical idea. We don’t want to introduce ourselves to a new problem to get rid of an old one. Excess weight doesn’t only make you look bad, it is also bad for health and mind.


Various Stages of Breast Growth:

A primary form of the milk duct system is present in women from a very young age. When a woman hits puberty, the ovaries start to release estrogen into the body. Estrogen is mainly responsible for breast growth in the female. It signals the accumulation of connective and fat tissues around the breast.

From the first menstruation, the milk ducts start to grow and get matured. With time, secretory glands start to form at the rear of the milk ducts.

When a woman is pregnant, she goes through many hormonal changes which can make her breasts larger. However, this change is temporary and the breasts will revert to original size after she stops breastfeeding.

At the final stage, when menopause ends, the fat and connective tissues around the breasts start to get drier. This causes saggy breasts in time.

If we look at the core of these stages, the main thing that controls how your breast size will be is the fat and connective tissues.  There are many factors that can influence the effect of fat and connective tissues on your breasts.

Let’s talk about some the factors here.

Factors that influence Fat and Connective Tissues on Breast Growth:

  • Weight: Since the fat tissues control a major influence over your breast growth, your breasts will grow larger with increasing weight. To the contrary, your breasts will get smaller if you lose weight. How the change will occur depends on many things such as a proportion of the fat tissues to the connective tissues. Generally, as we see, the greater the amount of fat tissue, the larger the variation of breast size.
  • Genetics: Genetics is another very important aspect that controls the shape and size of your breasts. That’s why we always see that daughter gets mother’s boobs. Father’s genes also have some influence over it.
  • Age: You remember ligaments? I have talked about this in the previous section. Ligaments are a part of breasts that supports the breasts. At a younger age, ligaments are stronger so the breasts stay firm. However, with time, the ligaments become weaker resulting in saggy breasts. That’s why older women generally tend to have saggy breasts.
  • Exercises: Exercises don’t have any direct influence on breast size and shape as breasts don’t contain any muscle. However, there are certain exercises that affect the chest muscle which results in firmer and larger breasts.
  • Breastfeeding: It is normal that breasts become larger during and after pregnancy. However, this sudden increase in size is not permanent. The breasts will go back to normal size after breastfeeding is stopped.

 How Does Breast Enlargement Cream work?

Many women often wonder how breast enlargement cream works just by applying on the breasts. Well, it is a very legit inquiry. The first thing that you need to know for how breast enlargement cream works is all breast creams are not effective. In fact, most of the creams on the market are scams. The effectivity and legitimacy of a breast enlargement cream depend on its ingredients.

Most good breast enlargement creams are made from 100% natural ingredients that stimulate the production rate of estrogen hormone. Estrogen hormone is responsible for breast growth in the female. Thus by increasing the amount of estrogen, breast enlargement cream helps to make your breasts bigger.

Most effective breast enhancement creams contain herbal plants such as dong qui, saw palmetto etc. These natural ingredients do not possess any serious side effects and dangers for your body.

Whenever you are looking for a breast enlargement cream, ensure that it contains ingredients that are designed to increase the production rate of estrogen. The ingredients may also contain phytoestrogen which mimics the action of estrogen in the female body. If the cream doesn’t contain any such ingredients, then it will be a waste of your money and time.

How to Apply Breast Enlargement Cream?

how to apply breast enlargement cream

Applying breast enlargement cream is very easy and straightforward. Most breast enlargement creams come in push-type bottles. The bottles contain detailed instructions on how to use the cream.

Generally, all you need to do is take some cream in the palm of your hand and apply it generously on your breasts. Gently massage your breasts for a couple of minutes. Most breast enlargement cream companies recommend massaging your breast with their cream at least twice a day. You’ll start to see signs of an increase in size within just 2 weeks.

By massaging gently your breast with a good breast enhancement cream, the blood circulation will increase throughout your breasts. It will help to provide the breast cells with necessary nutrients which will result in firmer and bigger breasts. Moreover, the breast enlargement cream will stimulate the production of estrogen which makes your breasts larger.

How to Massage Breast Enlargement Cream?

Here are the steps to massage your breasts correctly with a breast enlargement cream:

  • At first, take some breast cream on the palm of your hand. Never massage your breasts without an oil or cream.
  • Start massaging your breast from the center. Put firm pressure on your breasts using your palms. The motion of the massage should be from inwards to outwards. Ensure that your hands are moving in a circular motion. Continue massaging in this way for about 20 times.
  • Now it’s time to use some alternate hand movements. You can sweep from the underarms area to the upwards as well as inwards up to the front of the breasts. Continue massaging for 20 times.
  • Now, it’s time to use your both hands and lift the breasts upwards. It will help to get your breasts firmer. Repeat this step for each breast about 20 times.
  • At this stage, you can repeat the second step with lighter pressure for a better result.

Where to Buy Breast Enlargement Cream?

Breast enlargement creams are not rare. You can find them locally at any beauty store. Your local beauty store should have many types of breast enlargement creams available to buy. However, I don’t recommend buying a breast cream this way.

The way I recommend is, first decide which breast enlargement cream to buy. As I have mentioned earlier, most of the breast enlargement creams are scam and waste of money and time. So, research well and find a cream that seems legit to you. A good breast enlargement cream should be formulated with 100% natural ingredients which should be designed to increase the amount of estrogen in the female body.

After you choose what breast enlargement cream to go for, go to their site. They should have a direct buy option available. Buying directly from the cream’s official site ensures that you are getting the right cream, not any fake one. You can also enjoy other bonuses if the company offers any.

After you place an order, the cream should be shipped directly at your given address within a couple of business days.

Can Progesterone Cream Cause Breast Enlargement?

Many women think that progesterone creams are a great way to enlarge breasts. Yes, it is true, progesterone creams can help you to get bigger breasts, however, it is only applicable to those who have estrogen dominance.

It is not something that will magically increase your breast size. Moreover, you should not use a progesterone cream without supervised advice.

It can be helpful for women who have a long record of progesterone deficiency. This cream will supply additional progesterone to fill up the lacking. However, this is not the case for most of the women.

In simpler words, yes, progesterone cream can give you bigger breasts, but it is not for everybody. You should not use this type of cream unless you are advised by a specialist.

Breast Enlargement Cream Without Parabens:

If you don’t know yet, parabens are a group of chemical compounds that are widely used for preservation in cosmetic products. Parabens can cause serious risk to your health. That’s why it is important to choose a breast enlargement cream that is free from parabens.

In today’s markets, it is hard to find a breast enlargement cream without parabens. However, luckily for us, there still exists a cream which doesn’t contain any parabens or other harmful chemical compounds. The cream is Brestrogen Breast Enhancement Cream. It is formulated with 100% natural ingredients such as Pueraria Mirifica which works actively to increase your breast size.

Breast Enhancement Cream Vs Pills:

Can breast enhancement pills help you to get bigger breasts?

The one and only answer to this question are a straight “NO”.  Before you say anything, let me explain why I think breast enhancement pills are useless.

Up to this day, there has been no scientific data or evidence that breast enhancement pills work to make breasts bigger. They absolutely have no effect on the breast tissues. If the answer to breast enhancement was a simple pill, then most women wouldn’t have gone to surgeries or difficult exercises.

That’s why, though the thought of getting bigger breasts by simply swallowing a pill seems lucrative, it is totally useless.

The main reason that pills are useless because scientists have not yet successfully created a pill that can affect the fat and connective tissues on the breast. That’s why, when it comes to bigger breasts, keep a 100-meter distance from breast enhancement pills.

If we compare breast enhancement cream to pills, most of the women will choose the cream with their eyes closed. It is because, unlike pills, there is scientifically proven data that breast enhancement creams actually work to make your breasts bigger.

Having said that, not all breast enhancement creams are effective. In fact, most of them are a scam. I always recommend using Vollure breast enhancement cream. I found that it is extremely effective for getting bigger breasts.

Breast Enlargement Surgery Vs Creams:

Many women want to go through breast enlargement surgery for a number of reasons. Some of them are:

  • Too small breast size
  • Different size breasts
  • Reconstructing breast after a major surgery
  • After pregnancy breast size recovery
  • To get rid of saggy breasts
  • For improving self-confidence
  • Disproportionate nipple and the areola area
  • Downwards pointing nipples etc.

Here is a typical way that a breast enlargement surgery usually goes through:

  • At first, the surgeon will make an incision at three places around your breasts. The incisions are at under the breasts, under the arms as well as around the nipple area.
  • After that, the surgeon separates the fat tissue and the chest muscle.
  • Now, the surgeon inserts breast implants and center it carefully behind the areola.
  • After all of these steps, at last, the surgeon closes they incision by stitching carefully.

Two most common breast implants are silicone implants and saline implants.

Though breast enlargement surgery works, it comes with a lot of risks. Here are some of the risks associated with breast enlargement surgery:

  • The formation of implants may get distorted due to scar tissue
  • Afterwards the surgery you suffer from pain for some time.
  • If the surgeon is not experienced, the surgery may lead to serious infections.
  • There is always a chance of the implants getting ruptured.
  • If the surgery is poor, your breasts may get asymmetrical.
  • There is also a record of total or partial loss of nipple after a poor breast enlargement surgery.

When it comes to choosing between a breast enlargement surgery vs cream, I’ll gladly choose cream. There are many advantages of choosing a breast enlargement cream over surgery. The main one is cost. Breast enlargement creams cost at least 100 times less than a surgery. Moreover, it doesn’t have a lot of risk factors associated unlike breast enlargement surgeries.

If you want to generally increase your breast size, I’ll always advise starting by using a breast enlargement cream. 9 out of 10 times it will work. Only think about getting a surgery if nothing other works. Surely surgery can increase your breast size with the least amount of work, but there are many risk factors associated with it and the cost is high.

If you are confused, go to a specialist. A good specialist will evaluate your physical condition and show you the best way to get your breasts bigger and firmer.

Are Breast Enlargement Creams Permanent?

Many women often wonder how long the effects of breast enlargement cream work? Are you wondering about that too? Well, let’s get to the answer.

The effects of breast enlargement cream last, but the duration varies from cream to cream. For example, breast creams based on Volufiline works much faster than Pueraria Mirifica. However, the effects of Volufiline based creams will fade earlier than the Pueraria Mirifica based creams. So, choose one that best supports your requirements.

Though you’ll see the effects of Pueraria Mirifica based creams a bit later on, they will last for a longer time than other creams.

So, to sum things up, Pueraria Mirifica based creams take about 3 to 4 months to work, but they last longer. On the other hand, Volufiline based creams start to work within just 30 days, but the result may start to fade after six months.

Breast Enlargement Cream Side Effects:

The side effects of a breast enlargement cream differ from cream to cream. The side effects depend on the ingredients of the cream. Every cream is different on its own. Some creams use 100% natural ingredients where others use chemical ingredients for faster result.

We always prefer natural ingredient based breast enlargement creams. They contain almost no side effects and dangers to your health. Yes, these types of creams work a bit slower than the chemical ingredient based creams, however, they are safer for your body.

Some of the best natural ingredient based breast enhancement cream contains Pueraria Mirifica, Volufiline, and Voluplus.  All these ingredients are scientifically proven to work best for breast enlargement without any harmful side effects.

Are Breast Enlargement Creams Safe? Can It Cause Breast Cancer?

Breast enlargement creams are specially formulated to help women get their desired shape breasts without any surgery. Some breast enlargement creams work slower, some works quickly. It all depends on the ingredients of the cream. Is using breast enlargement cream safe? Well, it depends on what ingredients the cream is using.

There are many breast enlargement creams on the market that use unnatural additives. These additives may help you get larger breast quicker, however, they come at a high cost. These hormones based creams can cause severe health damage, even breast cancer.

FDA has disapproved hundreds of hormone-based breast cream up to this day. But there are still many breast creams out there that use unnatural additives. No matter what these creams promise you, stay 100 meters away from them. Nothing is more important than our health, right?

DHEA ( Dehydroepiandrosterone ) is a common ingredient in many breast enlargement creams. It acts as a predecessor of estrogen. DHEA in breast enlargement creams may cause serious types of health damages such as irritation, swelling, and even breast cancer.

It is very important to stay away from breast enlargement creams that contain DHEA in it. Don’t put your health at jeopardizing for bigger boobs.

So, you might wonder, is all breast enlargement creams dangerous? No, all of them are not. Natural ingredient based breast enlargement creams are 100% safe for your health. They do not contain any harmful chemical compounds. Yes, they work slower than other typical creams, but they don’t possess any threat to your health.

Tips from FDA to Spot a Fake Breast Enlargement Cream:

  • Products that promise effortless, immediate and guaranteed result are more likely to be a scam.
  • Phrases such as revolutionary, heart-throbbing, miracle, secret etc. don’t signal authenticity.
  • Check if the manufacturer provides any money back guarantee.
  • Products that show you only happy customer reviews are more likely to be a scam.
  • Always read the ingredients on the label. Look out for anything unnatural like DHEA.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of quick result. Go for a cream that provides slower result in 100% safe way.

Alternatives to breast enlargement creams:

bras to enhance breast

Wear right type of clothes:

while there are certain types of clothes that can make your breasts appear bigger, some types also result in the opposite. That’s why you need to be careful of what you wear. For example, strapless tops can make your breasts look bigger while flat tube tops make them appear flat and smaller.

Wearing the right size bra:

Choosing the right size bra as well as the right type of bra is extremely important to make your breasts appear bigger. Push up bras work best for this purpose.

Always keep a correct posture:

Keeping your posture correctly is an easy yet highly effective way to make your breasts look bigger and firmer. Always keep your stomach in, your chin up and your spine erect.

Necklace with pendant:

A necklace with pendant helps to create more focus to your breasts with the illusion of appearing them larger.


Certain types of makeup can enhance the look of your breasts. For example, you can apply dark eye powder on your breasts and between them to make contours. It helps to give the illusion of a deeper and sexier cleavage.

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