Does Alcohol Make Your Breasts Bigger?

Does Alcohol Make Your Breasts Bigger

Are you wondering about “does alcohol make your breasts bigger”? I used to ask the same question too. So I did some digging on the internet and came up with the following answer:

Well, though not definite, alcohol can make your breasts bigger. Too much alcohol increases the growth rate of estrogen which results in bigger breasts. But surely it is not the recommended way to increase breast size.

How Alcohol May Increase Breast Size?

When someone drinks too much alcohol on a regular basis, it basically makes the hormone system imbalanced and increases the production rate of estrogen. Estrogen is the hormone that is mainly responsible for breast growth.

This increased growth rate of estrogen results in breast enlargement among women. However, men are not free from it too. Men who drink too much alcohol and go through the same effect and start to have ‘man boobs’.

Technically speaking, alcohol consumption will provide you with bigger breasts, but is it the right way to do so? Definitely not! Alcohol brings with it hundreds of health issues and you’ll not want to be a part of those!

Here are some of the health issues regarding excessive alcohol consumption:

  • As I have mentioned earlier, too much alcohol boost up the production rate of estrogen at an unnatural speed. Studies have found that too much estrogen can result in breast cancer among women. A recent study was concluded with the result that women who drink 2 to 5 glasses of alcohol per day are 1.5 times more likely to have breast cancer than women who don’t. Even have 1 glass of alcohol each day increases your chance of having breast cancer by 4%. Numbers Don’t Lie! Alcohol is bad or your health!
  • Too much alcohol will mess up with your body’s natural fat storage capability, increase cholesterol buildup as well as can hamper your sex life.

Can Beer Increase Breast Size?

Yes, technically beer can increase your breast size. It contains an ingredient called hops, which can increase breast size. Here I have written more about how hops increase breast size.

Though beer can increase breast size, it is definitely not the way to do so. Too much beer consumption will have its toll on you. It will have the same adverse effects as alcohol on your body. So, if your goal is larger breasts, beer consumption is not the way!

What Is The Right Way To Increase Breast Size?

There are many ways to increase breast size. In this size, I have talked about lots of them.

However, when it comes to increasing breast size, there is one method that tops all other. According to me, it is the most time efficient and cost effective method right now in the market to increase breast size.

The method is really simple and doesn’t demand anything complicated.

All you have to do is rub your breasts twice a day with this breast cream!

This cream is made of 100% natural ingredients, including Pueraria Mirifica. Pueraria Mirifica is the secret ingredient that makes this cream so powerful!

Once I started using it, I began to see signs of breast enlargement within just a couple of weeks!


And the good thing is, this cream doesn’t cost a fortune like most other breast enlargement devices out there in the market!

So, if you want to get something solid for increasing your breast size, nothing can be better than getting this cream!

Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

Anna A. Cudney

I have created “Make My Breast Perfect” website to help women make their breasts perfect. I have faced this problem a lot and wanted to help other women gain their confidence.

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