Does Saw Palmetto Increase Breast Size?

Does Saw Palmetto Increase Breast Size

Have you ever wondered does saw palmetto increase breast size? I bet you didn’t find any satisfactory answer to that question. That’s exactly what happened with me. So, I did some research on my own and here’s what I came up with:

Yes, Saw Palmetto can definitely increase breast size. It increases breast size through 2 ways: the first way is by building more tissues without adding any fat content. This new lean tissue adds to the breast growth. Secondly, saw palmetto rejuvenates the sexual organs as well as helps these organs to develop.

Like most other breast enlargement herbs, saw palmetto is aphrodisiac. Aphrodisiac simply means this herb can boost your sex drive on a larger scale. Also, you get to enjoy all the health benefits without any harmful side effects. Almost in all medication cases, this herb can be consumed safely. All of these traits make saw palmetto highly effective for breast enlargement.

How Saw Palmetto Increases Breast Size?

As I have said earlier, saw palmetto increases breast size mainly in 2 ways: through building lean muscles and rejuvenating the sexual organs.

Not only increasing breast size, this herb can also make them firmer.

Saw palmetto is rich in various phytonutrients that increases the growth rate of breast tissue which ultimately leads to larger and firmer breasts.

Saw palmetto can also boost up the production rate of prolactin. Prolactin also helps to increase breast size and milk production among mothers.

Another take on this is, saw palmetto contains anti-androgen properties. Because of this property, this herb reduces the amount of DHT in your body. As DHT is a male hormone, it tries to suppress the breast growth. By lowering down the level of DHT, saw palmetto helps to increase breast size.

How Breast Enlarging Ability of Saw Palmetto Was Discovered?

According to a book written in 1898, the Seminole Indians had Saw Palmetto as a staple fruit in their diet. Back in those days, saw palmetto was also used for treating infertility among women, treating underdeveloped breasts, increasing milk production of mothers, decreasing menstrual pain and also as a tonic.

Also back in the early days, the botanists of united states observed a strange thing. They found out animals that consume saw palmetto on a daily basis turns out to be much healthier and energetic than those who don’t. Also, the animals had more sexual vigor and tougher muscle tone. These observations led to the belief that saw palmetto contains many health benefits.

However, it was until very recently when the breast enlarging ability of saw palmetto was discovered. When treating various ailments with saw palmetto, doctors observed that the patients’ breasts grew significantly. This led to more studies and this amazing ability of saw palmetto was discovered.

How To Take Saw Palmetto?

There are many ways to have saw palmetto. The most common ones are: as a tea, natural berry, in capsule or tablet form.

Though there is no prescribed dosage, don’t take more than 160 mg of 90-95% saw palmetto extract twice each day. The results start to kick in after about 1 to 2 months. It usually varies from person to person. For a quicker result, you can mix saw palmetto with some other breast enlargement herbs and have them together.


  • Don’t believe every person that is selling saw palmetto on the internet. Most are different and likely to sell something different instead of the real saw palmetto. For getting saw palmetto, first contact with an authentic herbalist who will be able to contract a good supplier for you.
  • Before taking any dosage of saw palmetto, it is better to consult with an expert. Also, it is imperative to talk with a doctor if you are prone to any kind of medical issue like allergy.

What Are Other Benefits Of Saw Palmetto?

  • Saw palmetto can treat infertility among women
  • Works amazingly to increase milk production among breastfeeding moms
  • Rejuvenate the sexual appeal as well as help to develop the sex organs
  • Helps to attain a finer muscle tone
  • Can decrease the menstrual pain
  • Saw palmetto can also work as a tonic

What Is My Favorite Way To Increase Breast Size?

Surely Saw Palmetto is one of the most effective natural resources for increasing breast size, but it is not the most time efficient way.

This herb will surely bring a positive result, but it can take a lot of time. In fact, in some cases, taking 60 days will not be surprising.

Personally, I am not that much of a patient person. I need things done quickly. So, just relying only on saw palmetto to increase my breast size was not going to work for me.

I was looking for something more efficient and fortunately, I found THE ONE!

While searching, I found many women talking about this breast cream and how it dramatically increased their breast size.

Though skeptical, I was curious and wanted to try the cream out. It was very cheap, so I thought what the hell! I ordered a sample.

Just after 2 weeks of using this cream, I started to see signs of increased breast size. Not only that, my breasts started to feel firmer too!

I couldn’t believe how effective this breast cream really is!

All I had to do was massage my breasts with this cream 2 times each day, before going to bed at night and before taking shower in the morning. This simple 10 minute routine has brought a revolutionary change in my breasts!

The main reasons this breast cream is so effective is, it contains Pueraria Mirifica. Pueraria Mirifica is nature’s gift to those who are looking for a way to increase breast size. It is the most effective natural resource to make breasts larger.

So, if you want a quick result and ready to spend a few bucks, getting your hands on this breast cream will be the smartest thing to do!

Trust me, you’ll definitely thank me later!

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