Dong Quai For Breast Growth: Is It Effective?  

Dong Quai For Breast Growth

If you are looking for ways to increase breast size on the internet, then you’ve probably heard of Dong Quai. I have been often asked by my readers if dong quai can actually help to increase breast size. In fact, I have heard the question so many time that I decided to write a post answering it in details. So, here is my answer on if dong quai can actually help to increase your breast size:

Yes, Dong quai can help you to get larger breasts. This herb is filled with natural phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens help to increase breast size similar to estrogen does in the female body.

What Is Dong Quai?

Dong Quai, also known as Angelica Sinesis, has been used as an alternative medicine for thousands of years. Dong Quai is mainly found in China. You can also find it throughout other regions of Southeast Asia including Korea and Japan.

This herb is a major component in many of the breast enlargement supplements of today’s market. It also helps women to reduce the menstrual symptoms as well as promotes good menopausal health.

Mainly dong quai is consumed in powdered or tablet form. It is also used in lotions.

How Dong Quai Helps To Increase Breast Size?

As I have said earlier, Dong quai is rich in phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens just work like estrogen in the female body. They help to increase the breast size just like estrogen does.

Also, dong quai contains a chemical called isoflavone. When you intake dong quai, this isoflavone chemical is broken down into estrogens, which plays the main role to increase your breast size.

I have mentioned earlier dong quai helps women to have a better menopausal and menstrual health. Thus, this herb naturally helps to grow your breast size. Because, when a woman has a healthy reproductive system, her breasts will grow larger automatically. It is a natural process.

Other than increasing the breast size, dong quai also makes your breast tissue soother and help to increase the production rate of breast milk by making more room. As a result, the breast size increases when you are not lactating.

How To Take Dong Quai?

Mainly Dong quai is found in tablet or powdered form in the market. You can take either of those. On the other hand, some people prefer natural stuff more. If you are like that, you can eat the root itself. Just slice it into smaller pieces and enjoy. You can even prepare a liquid extract of the root and drink that. The options are endless.

As dong quai root is full of flavonoids, it has anti-oxidant, anti-viral as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Are There Any Side Effects To Dong Quai?

There are minimum side effects of dong quai. If you are a healthy adult, there should be no problem for you to take dong quai. One thing to mention, if you have sensitive skin, then it can get more sensitive due to dong quai.

The following individuals should refrain themselves from taking dong quai:

  • Women who are suffering from any hormonal issues
  • Women who are pregnant
  • If you are breastfeeding
  • If you are suffering from any blood issues

It is better to consult with a physician before taking any type of herbal medicine.

Other Benefits Of Dong Quai

Dong quai is enriched with vitamin and minerals. It contains vitamin B which helps to increase the energy level and develop healthier blood. The vitamin E helps to soothe inflammation of muscular tissue and joints. The herb also contains magnesium and calcium which provides antispasmodic effects.

Other than making breasts bigger, dong quai has many other health benefits. Here are some mentioned:

  • It promotes a healthier menopausal and menstrual system in the female body. Issues included with menopause such as hot flashes, infertility, menstrual cramps, etc. can be helped with dong quai.
  • According to many women, dong quai has helped them to sleep better during night
  • Can be used to cure headaches, anemia, psoriasis, fatigue, etc.
  • Some men have used it for treating premature ejaculation
  • Dong quai also treats ulcers, reliefs joint pain, cures allergy, lowers blood pressure, reliefs constipation, boost the immune system, control the estrogen level, helps in blood circulation, boost up fertility, etc.

Is There A Better Way To Increase Breast Size?

Yes, there is. Though dong quai is a great natural resource for increasing breast size, relying only on it won’t be the smart move. The main reason for this is it will take a really long time.

So, if you are like me, then you must be looking for a solution that will provide a quicker result.

Fortunately, there is one!

In fact, it is so much time efficient that I started seeing signs of increased breast size within just 2 weeks of using it.

The solution is to massage your breasts twice a day with this cream. That’s all!

This cream is made of 100% natural ingredients including Pueraria Mirifica, wild yam and many other rare natural herbs. So, within one bottle of this cream, you’ll get the benefit of hundreds of rare herbs.

The power of natural ingredients has made this breast cream amazingly effective and time-efficient.

Within just weeks of using this cream, you should be able to see results!

Just apply the cream before going to bed at night and before taking a shower the next morning.

This 10 minute everyday ritual will bring you the result that no other expensive method can.

So, if you can invest a few bucks, get your hands on this cream right now before the price increases.

You’ll see the results for yourself!

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