Hops For Breast Enlargement [Myth Busted]  

Hops For Breast Enlargement

Are you wondering if hops for breast enlargement are actually effective? Well, I did some research and here’s what I came up with:

Hops actually help to enlarge breast size. Hops are enriched in phytoestrogens, more specifically 8-prenylnaringenin. This is what helps to increase breast size in women.

What Are Hops?

By hops, we actually mean the seed cones of the hop plant, scientifically named as Humulus lupulus. The seed cones are extracted from the female flowers. The most famous use of hops is for making beers. These can stabilize the beer as well as give flavor to it.

Besides beers, hops are used for many other purposes, especially for medical purposes. Hops are closely related to other herbs such as marigold, dandelion or heather. It has a distinct tangy or some say, bitter flavor to it.

How Hops Help To Increase Breast Size?

As I have mentioned earlier, hops are enriched in phytoestrogen, the plant form of the estrogen. This phytoestrogen contains 8-prenylnaringenin. This is what makes your breast larger.

When 8-prenylnaringenin enters your body, it increases the production of prolactin. Prolactin helps to enhance the response of estrogen in your body. As we all know, estrogen promotes the healthy growth of breast tissue and muscle in women.

Other Benefits of Hops?

Along with breast enlarging properties, hops have many other benefits too. Here are some:

  • Other than making beers, the second most common use of hops is to help sleep better. Hops contain an element called lupulin which helps a lot to prevent sleeplessness. Many doctors often prescribe diets that contain lupulin to patients who can’t sleep.
  • Along with helping to sleep better, lupulin also helps to fight excessive nervousness. It also aids women suffering from migraine and hot flashes.
  • Hops prevent vaginal dryness as well as help with vaginal rash, itching or burning.

Are There Any Side Effects To It?

Though hops are very beneficial for health, they do not come without side-effects.

It has been seen that hops can turn out to be deadly for a depressed person as they can further deepen the depression.

Hops are also not recommended for those who are suffering from breast cancer and endometriosis.


Hops can help a lot to increase breast size. However, they come with prices. Also, hops are not for everybody.

Moreover, only taking hops for enlarging your breasts can take a very long time. They produce result, but takes a long time.

I am not that much of a patient person. I like things that give a quick result.

And I am grateful to find a quick yet natural solution for increasing my breast size. If you are looking for something to increase your breast size, nothing can be more cost and time effective than massaging your breasts with this cream.

Once I started using this cream, only after 2 weeks, I observed signs that my breasts are getting bigger! I have seen nothing that produces such a quick result!

I thought it has some weird chemicals, but after doing some research, I found that this cream is 100% made of natural ingredients.

Thing ingredient that makes this cream so much effective is the Pueraria Mirifica. It also has many other beneficial natural ingredients.

So, stop searching for solutions and get this breast cream right now!

You’ll thank me later!

Anna A. Cudney

I have created “Make My Breast Perfect” website to help women make their breasts perfect. I have faced this problem a lot and wanted to help other women gain their confidence.

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