How To Increase Breast Size With Bra? [Every Steps Explained]

How To Increase Breast Size With Bra

Have you ever wondered if a bra can increase your breast size? If it could, how actually does that work? Well, you are in the right place. This article will be a holy grail to all these questions. I’ll explain everything you need to know about how to increase breast size with a bra.

Can Bra Increase Breast Size?

No, it can’t. Bras don’t have any ability or control over a woman’s breast size. Only hormones and genes can control that. So sadly, you can’t increase breast size with a bra. However, you can make them look bigger with a bra, if worn properly!

That’s what I am going to explain in this article. By following the guidelines, you’ll learn to wear the proper-sized bra in the correct way which makes your breasts seem bigger and firmer.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

How To Make Your Breasts Seem Bigger With A Bra?

Actually, there are many ways through which you can achieve this. Some of the popular techniques include tightening the bra straps, twisting the bra, or getting a padded bra specially made for this purpose. Also, there are certain tops that can emphasize your breasts.

Here, I am going to talk about 2 methods through which you can make your breasts seem bigger:

1. Getting A New Bra

  • Determining The Bra Size: wearing a bra that is either too big or too small will defeat the whole purpose. The bra size needs to be absolutely perfect according to your breast size. It is the first step to make your breasts seem larger. To determine the correct size of your breasts, the best thing will be to go to a lingerie shop and get professionals to do the measuring. However, if you want, you can do the measurement yourself. I have discussed how to measure your bra size later in this article.
  • Getting A Padded Bra: padded bras are the best ones to accentuate your breasts. Some padded bra can even make your breasts look 1 cup larger. You should look for a bra that has the perfect amount of padding according to your preference. If you are not yet sure how much padding works best for you, try a few ones. You’ll get the hang of it quickly.
  • Select The Right Type Of Padding: Padding can be of different types. The padding of different kinds of materials is available in the market. The most common, popular and common ones are silicone rubber and foam padding. Recently, liquid and gel padding has been introduced to the market. These types of padding can offer a more natural feel to your breasts. Even some padded bras come with removable padded inserts. Choose the one that seems most comfortable to you.
  • The Right Type Of Bra: Not all the bras are equally effective to make your breasts seem larger. Some are quite better at this than most other types. You’ll have to choose a bra that can properly support and lift your breasts. I prefer demi cup bras and push-up bras for this purpose.

Demi cup bras are designed in such a way that the cut is nearer to the nipple and lower. It allows a larger portion of your breasts to be exposed over the top. It ultimately exposes more cleavage.

Push-up bras consist of wires that run underneath the breasts in the frontal portion of the bra. Though to some women these bras can feel uncomfortable, push-up bras are very effective at supporting and lifting up your breasts. This ultimately makes your breast look larger and firmer.

2. Using An Existing Bra

  • Twisting The Bra: this simple trick has been used for a long time to push breasts closer and create more cleavage area. All you need to do is twist the center of the bra. This simple twisting will increase the cleavage area multiple times!
  • Tightening The Bra Straps: this is a simple technique to lift up your breasts. By tightening the bra straps, the breasts are pushed closer to the body, which offers them a natural lift. This technique also works like magic to even out breast size. If you have different sized breasts, the larger breast should be fitted to the bra, while for the smaller breast you should make the strap tightened. This will make both of the breasts seem even. One thing to be noted, don’t make the straps so tight that they start to hurt your breasts.
  • Wearing Double Bras: Most women are now aware of this simple yet effective trick. Wearing 2 bras can make your breasts seem like even 3 times larger! It is also very easy to do. Just put on 1 bra like you always do. Now, wear another one on top of it. Though this trick works like magic, it is not for everyday use. Wearing 2 bras can be uncomfortable, so only follow this when you are going on a special event. For the maximum result, wear 2 padded bras. Avoid sports bra at all cost.
  • Stuffing The Bra: though many women till now have been stuffing their bra for making their breasts appear larger, most of them are not aware of the proper stuffing material.

Socks are a great option for stuffing. They are soft and comfortable. Also, you must have multiple socks lying around your home. Take a piece of sock, fold it in half and place it underneath the bra cup.

There are lots of silicone gel inserts available in the market. These are specially made to be used as bra inserts. Inserting them near the bottom of the bra can even make your breast look like 1 full cup size bigger.

Many women like to use cotton balls and tissues. These are not ideal at all and should be avoided.

 How To Determine Bra Size?

how to determine bra size

It makes me sad to see how many women are wearing wrong-sized bras these days. A wrong-sized bra, even if it is a push-up one, will fail miserably to make your breasts appear larger.

According to professional bra fitter Susan Nethero, about 85% of women in the United States wear wrong bra size.

To make your breasts seem larger with bras, first, you need to get a properly fitting bra and then proper padding.

I’ll discuss both of these now.

Things You’ll Require:

  • A pen and paper to note down the measurement
  • Measuring tape
  • A bra that you are comfortable with
  • Mirror
  • Gel inserts

Determining The Proper Size Of Your Bra

  1. First, take a measuring tape. Wrap the tape around the ribs below your breasts. Just wrap around the intersection from where the breasts develop from the body. Keep the tape parallel to the surface. Stand and breathe naturally. Take the measurement and put it down on a paper. This measurement will help to figure out the proper band size for your breasts.
  2. Take the bra you are most comfortable with and wear it. By looking into the mirror, ensure there is no overflow. The bra cup should be filled by your breasts, not overflown. If required, you can adjust the band. You can use padding if your breasts are dissimilar in size.
  3. Now it’s time to adjust the straps of the bra. The breasts should fall halfway between your elbow and the shoulder when standing naturally with your arms at rest.
  4. Now take the tape measure and wrap it around your torso. The tape should cover the highest parts of the breasts, including the nipples. Take the measurement and write it down. Be sure to breathe naturally when taking the measurement. This measurement will determine the cup size.
  5. Take the first measurement and subtract it from the second.
  6. Here is a size conversion chart for determining cup size using the value computed in the previous step:

Difference (Determined In Step 5)

Cup Size

Less than 1 inch


1 inch


2 inch


3 inch


4 inch


5 inch

DD or E

  1. Look at the first measurement. If it is an odd number, add 5 inches. For an even number, add 4 inches. The resultant will be the proper band size for your breasts.

Determining The Proper Padding

  1. Measure the bra size following the previous section and try on a bra with the measured size.
  2. Place one gel insert in front of both of the breast, between the bra and the nipple. This will increase the contour. To increase the cleavage, you can insert the gel on the side of the breast (between the bra and the breast).
  3. After placing the gel insert, if it feels too tight or uncomfortable, select one larger cup size for your breasts.

NB: band sizes are found in even numbers. So, if your measurement turns out to be an odd number, round the number to the nearest even number. Like, if the measurement is 31.5, consider it as 32.

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